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1. Tensor valuations

Tensor valuations are functionals on convex or more general sets which are additive (valuations) and take their values in the space of symmetric tensors. They satisfy integral-geometric formulas and can be used to describe the morphology of spatial structure. In this project, we consider new kinematic formulas of additive, intersectional, rotational and Crofton type for tensor valuations and general classification results for tensor-valued measures. Algorithms are implemented to numerically calculate tensorial valuations for a wide class of data. The Minkowski tensors are used to investigate the complex spatial structures of porous materials, granular packings and fluids. A density functional theory of aspherical particle fluids based on Minkowski tensors is developed, and the morphometric approach for thermodynamic properties of confinded fluids is explored. Tensor functionals play an important role as geometric descriptors in all projects of the research unit.

Project Members

Cooperating partners



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    note: arXiv: 1606.07653
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