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3. Boolean models

Boolean models are a fundamental object of stochastic geometry and continuum percolation and have applications in physics, materials science and biology, for example. A Boolean model is a random closed set which is the union of compact particles of a particle process. Often it is assumed that the particle process is stationary and generated by a Poisson process, but it is of significant interest to weaken these assumptions. The goal of this project is to gain deeper insight into the geometric properties of Boolean models and the dependence on the underlying particle process by considering various functionals of Boolean models. Examples are the intrinsic volumes and Minkowski tensors as well as non-additive functionals with local extensions and flag measures. Besides mean value and density formulas this project deals with the systematical treatment of second order properties and central limit theorems. A further topic are statistical methods to estimate characteristic quantities of Boolean models such as the distribution of radii of a spherical Boolean model.

Project Members

Cooperating partners



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